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πŸ€” Why Choose the Everywhere Computer?

Though there is no limit to what the Everywhere Computer can run, it excels most when you are concerned with resilience, certainty or portability. In many cases, its resource efficiency can save you time and money.


  • Handles Low Connectivity by running local-first with available resources, and improving as your connectivity does.
  • Addresses Data Gravity of large data sets, eliminating the need to move them by directly computing where your data lives.
  • Overcomes Bandwidth Limits by enabling you to prioritize crucial data for transmission.
  • Boosts Network Throughput with parallel execution and verifiability, offering a robust complement to blockchains’ strict, global consensus.
  • Ensures Durability for mission critical operations, allowing seamless recovery from any point of failure and protecting against data loss.


  • Supports Regulatory Needs with less resource drain, by streamlining compliance, failover, audits, and multi-cloud deployments.
  • Guarantees Reproducibility across environments, essential for scientific research and data analysis.


  • Facilitates Multi-cloud Deployments by enabling a single codebase to seamlessly operate across multiple cloud platforms, enhancing operational flexibility.
  • Eliminates Platform Risk offering an open, decentralized alternative to avoid vendor lock-in and protect against platform-specific changes, outages, or discontinuation of services.
  • Supports Community Maintenance by enabling a diverse community to collaboratively scale participation based on resources, interest, and skill levels, fostering collective stewardship.