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About the Every CLI

The Every CLI is the fastest way to get started writing and running functions on the Everywhere Computer. It has a set of convenience functions for interacting with Homestar and the Everywhere Computer control panel.

More info in the Github repo, including usage:

Follow the Every CLI Local Development guide to write your own functions and expose a public API gateway.


In order to make an easy experience for JavaScript developers, the Every CLI has a function to β€œWasmify” TypeScript source code. This will output a compiled Wasm binary that can be run directly in Everywhere Computer.

This relies on ComponentizeJS:

Provides a Mozilla SpiderMonkey embedding that takes as input a TypeScript source file and a WebAssembly Component using the WIT format, and outputs a WebAssembly Component binary with the same interface.

Custom TypeScript Functions

We are stashing some custom functions written by the Fission team in this repo:

This will eventually migrate to published functions available through the control panel.

API Gateway

Running the CLI locally will start a Homestar node, API gateway, and local control panel.

Integration with Cloudflare Tunnels will expose this as a live public endpoint. This means you can build apps and other experiences that are running on compute from your local Homestar node.