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🀝 Who Participates in the Everywhere Computer?

There are many ways to get involved.

App Developers: Save Time, Money and Headaches

Get your app deployed with high resilience, fast execution, and zero deployment. Achieve the certainty and portability you desire without needing to be a dev ops expert. Leverage a network of functions and workflows already optimized for the outcomes you need.

Operators: Earn by Powering The Network

Connect your nodes to our open network for compensation or opt for a private setup. Operators are needed everywhere, at every scale:

  • Home-scale: Within 5 minutes, run a node on your personal machine. Everyone starts as a home-scale operator.
  • Area-scale: Serve one specific locale: eg. factories, warehouses, neighbourhoods, cities.
  • World-scale: Serve many locales: eg. hyperclouds, telco infrastructure, logistics networks, global commons.

No matter your eventual scale, the best place to start is by running a local node. If you’d like to learn more about area-scale and world-scale setups, book a call with us.

Function Authors: Monetize Your Code

Share your functions and workflows, from front-end enhancements to powerful backend capabilities that scale. Write functions in Rust, JavaScript and Python today. As more languages are supported by the Wasm component model, they will just work.

You can get started writing custom functions right now, and soon we’ll have a global registry for you to publish them to.

Service Providers: Profit From Your Expertise

Our network thrives on diverse services: consulting, tooling, and cloud services β€” if it’s UCAN-enabled, it fits right in.

If you’re interested in providing services to the Everywhere Computer community, book a call with us.